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Philipp Bagus is professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He is a Fellow of the Mises Institute, an IREF scholar, and the author of numerous books including In Defense of Deflation and The Tragedy of the Euro, and is coauthor of Blind Robbery!, Small States. Big Possibilities.: Small States Are Simply Better!, and Deep Freeze: Iceland's Economic CollapseHe was awarded the 2011 and 2017 O.P. Alford III Prize in Libertarian Scholarship, the Ron Paul Liberty in Media Award (2003), the Templeton Fellowship Award of the Independent Institute in 2008, and the Ludwig-Erhard-Forderpreis (2016). The Tragedy of the Euro has so far been translated and published in Greek, German, French, Slovak, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, British English, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, and Chinese.

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Dr. Philipp Bagus on the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationHealthPolitical Theory

02/26/2021Mises Media
Echoing Hoppe and public choice theory, Professor Philipp Bagus explains how politicians enjoy asymmetric rewards for exaggerating risks and creating fear. The result is gross policy errors we will all pay for over many decades. Don't miss this show!
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25 Years Later: What the Euro Has Become

Money and BanksWorld History


The euro is moving further away from the original German idea of the common currency. Instead, the euro has become the tool of southern Europe, which seeks inflation to keep the gravy train going. 

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How the State Spreads Mass Hysteria

Media and CulturePolitical Theory


Mass hysteria is possible in a free society, but there are self-correcting mechanisms and the harm such hysteria may inflict is limited by the enforcement of private property rights. 

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The Fed Now Wants Even More Inflation. The Old "2 Percent Target" Wasn't Enough.

InflationThe FedMonetary Policy


The most important insight of the Fed's move to increase its inflation target is this: central banks don't much like to follow "rules." They make the rules.

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What Germany Must Do for a Speedy Recovery

Corporate WelfareEconomic FreedomTaxes and Spending

07/15/2020Mises Media
The German "stimulus" package does nothing to actually stimulate true economic growth. If German policymakers were smart, they'd be cutting taxes and spending, while abolishing regulations.
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