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Ethics for Inhumans

PhilosophyPhilosophy and Methodology


Philosopher William MacAskill of Oxford University is calling for "Effective Altruism" as a way to deal with long-term future issues. Reviewer David Gordon finds flaws in MacAskill's moral calculations.

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Economic Growth Requires Savings, Not Money Pumping

Central BanksMonetary Policy


Keynesians believe that economic growth can occur only with an expanding supply of money. Growth doesn't need more money; it needs more savings.

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Economic Progress and Economic Decay: North versus South

Bureaucracy and RegulationCronyism and CorporatismLawU.S. Economy


While high-quality automobiles and other manufactured goods are being produced in the Southeast, northeastern states like New York are falling behind, thanks to progressive governance.

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Eliminating Economic Crises

The FedMonetary PolicyBusiness CyclesGold Standard


Ending the string of economic crises that have occurred the past two decades will happen only when economies can depend upon sound money.

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Economic Calculation and the Great Reset

Economic FreedomProgressivismCalculation and Knowledge


Governments, billionaire elites, and NGOs have a "wonderful" plan for the rest of us called the Great Reset. They need to read Mises to know their plans are madness.

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Europe's Energy Crisis Was Created by Political Intervention

World History


The European electricity market is probably the most state-regulated in the world. More intervention is not going to solve the problems created by politics.

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Edward Chancellor's Much-Needed (But Not Heeded) Wisdom on Interest Rates

Central BanksInflationU.S. Economy


The world seems to be on fire, and much of the trouble comes from the efforts of central banks to suppress interest rates. No one understands that problem better than British historian Edward Chancellor.

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Environmental and Political Elites Are Destroying Food Production for "Climate" Goals

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationGlobal Economy


In pursuing CO2 reductions like Captain Ahab chased Moby Dick, Western elites are destroying much of the world's agriculture base.

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