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Shays's Rebellion: Catalyst for the Counterrevolution

U.S. History


Shays' Rebellion was used by counterrevolutionaries like Alexander Hamilton to push the new centralist constitution of 1787. But Jefferson, on the contrary, concluded such uprisings were "medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

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State Preemptions of Local Government Are a Bad Thing. Even When Ron DeSantis Does It.

Decentralization and Secession


Centralizing political power in the hands of the state government only sets the stage for abuses when a new administration takes over. 

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State Issuance of Paper Money in the Early Republic

U.S. History


Most of the economic groups in the 1780s favored inflation: the main problem was in determining which groups would obtain the enjoyment of the newly created money.

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Scam Baiters Take an Active and Entertaining Role in Fighting Cybercrime

Decentralization and SecessionLegal SystemStrategy


US government agencies like the FBI remain incapable of bringing foreign online scammers to justice. Fortunately, in their place, internet “vigilantes” have answered the call to action.

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Stagflation Cometh

Money and Banking


As the money supply has skyrocketed, money has flooded into stocks, bonds, single-family housing, and crypto. But this doesn't translate into general prosperity for the countless unemployed and underemployed who face rising prices. 

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Some Coloradoans Want to Break Off and Join Wyoming. They Should at Least Get to Vote On It.

Decentralization and Secession


A state's borders should change over time to reflect demographic and ideological realities. By denying this, political leaders are effectively saying that the rights of minority populations don't matter.

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Subzero Rates Are Coming to the US and the UK

Money and Banks


Negative rates are a huge transfer of the wealth of savers and real wages to the government and the indebted. A tax on caution. The destruction of the perception of risk that always benefits the most reckless.

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State-Mandated Vaccines Are a Moral Minefield



Forcing one person to take medication or vaccines for the benefit of another person is directly opposed to basic notions of self-ownership and human rights. 

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