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Not too long ago, most of us took our news or commentary in print. Thanks to entrepreneurs and digital technology, we now have other options. Some people still prefer to read, others to watch, and it looks like many of our mises.org faithful prefer to listen. This has led to the huge popularity of our Human Action Podcast and Radio Rothbard, which are both driven by hot contemporary topics and no-holds-barred guests.

As inflation, the Great Reset, collapsing faith in state institutions, and the faltering economy continue to dominate the news, the lens of Austrian economics continues to attract people looking for answers that aren't propaganda and political agenda.

Our newest podcast is War, Economy, and State, a foreign policy–focused podcast featuring Mises Wire editor Ryan McMaken and Mises Wire contributor Zachary Yost. And you will want to tune in.

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When you sign up, we will send you a free audiobook version of Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Democracy: The God That Failed. This is Hoppe's devastating critique of the modern state and is masterfully narrated by Paul Strikwerda.

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