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Killing the Maximum-Wage Myth

Some want maximum wages for business executives, who are said to make too much money. It’s unclear how Congress is qualified to set the “correct” wage for business owners and executives, and unlike members of Congress, highly-paid executives are not protected from the risks and demands of the marketplace.

With Government Roads, the Customer Is Always Wrong

The state has no motivation to accommodate users’ needs, but to crack down on anyone who does not conform to its timeworn model of road usage.

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Mises Updates: Killing the Maximum-Wage Myth
Julain Adorney writes in today's Mises Daily: CEO turnover has reached its highest peak since 2009, which indicates two things. First, CEOs who do not fully grasp the rapid technological change their companies are living through are be ... More »

John P. Cochran: Consumption Does Not Drive the Macroeconomy
Mark Skousen, through his Economic Logic and The Structure of Production, has been leading the fight for years for a measurement of economic activity that more closely aligns with a capital structure based macroeconomics. GDP is truly a Keynesian–bas ... More »

Mises Updates: Congressional Budget Update From Laurence Vance
By Laurence M. Vance According to the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921, the president must annually submit a proposed budget to Congress for the next fiscal year by the first Monday in February. Although he was late, as usual, President Obama did ... More »

Mises Updates: Class Begins Thursday: How the Government Wrecks the Economy
Register here.  Writes Robert Murphy: The fall of the Soviet Union should have spelled the demise of central planning, yet the socialist mentality thrives — albeit in a diluted form — in all governments in the so-called “free world.” No one ... More »

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Gold Standard: Perspectives in the Austrian School, The

The world’s financial system is in a precarious state, and everywhere the cry is heard for reform. The contributors to this notable anthology argue for one particular sort of reform, a retur... More »

Individualism and Economic Order

If you are looking to acquaint yourself with F.A. Hayek's perspective on economic theory--beyond his business cycle and monetary studies of the interwar years--this is the best source. The collect... More »

Lessons for the Young Economist

This is the textbook Lessons for the Young Economist. We are beyond mere excitement about Lessons for the Young Economist. It is easily the best introduction to economics for the young reader&m... More »

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This course will present some of the essentials of logic---the science of c... (more) Register Now

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It is perhaps the most important and profound book ever written. Yet how ma... (more) Register Now

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This course covers both the theory and history behind the Federal Reserve, ... (more) Register Now

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