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Time Preference and Long-Term US Interest Rates

Long-term interest rates are going down, but many Fed observers, relying on expectations theory, wrongly think they should be going up. If we understand Mises and time preference, however, we can see the true trend much more clearly.

Why Historical Revisionism Matters

Historical revisionism is the process of unmasking government excuses for war and war-making.

Mises Economics Blog

Jeff Deist: Austrian Economics vs. Keynesian Economics in One Simple Chart
Courtesy of The Austrian Insider. ... More »

Matt McCaffrey: Entrepreneurship Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
The Economist ran a good article last week about the enormous difficulty of being an entrepreneur. In particular, the piece emphasizes the importance of doing away with the mythology of entrepreneurship as a life of romance, adventure, and the heroic ... More »

Ryan McMaken: Mateusz Machaj and Tom Woods Discuss the Taylor Rule
As a follow-up to his recent Mises Daily article on the topic, Mateusz Machaj and Tom Woods discuss the Taylor Rule, its history, and its errors. Also here. ... More »

Ryan McMaken: How Third-Party Payers Drive Up Medical Costs
Mises Daily Monday by Willem Cornax: The modern health insurance industry, a by-product of government regulation and tax policy, has led to a system in which the consumer of medical services doesn’t know the costs or final prices charged for servi ... More »

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Choice in Currency

A path-breaking essay by Hayek, newly in print in cooperation with the Institute of Economic Affairs, this piece first appeared in 1976, during an inflationary bout in the U.S.. Hayek saw that it was ... More »

Toward a Libertarian Society

Walter Block has for decades been one of the most effective and indefatigable defenders of libertarianism. One feature in his writing stands out, from his classic Defending the Undefendable to the pre... More »

Economics of Prohibition, The

It is conventional wisdom that alcohol prohibition failed, but the economic reasons for this failure have never been as extensively detailed or analyzed as they are in this study by Mark Thornton. ... More »

Newly Updated E-books

"Woodrow Wilson's Defeat in Yugoslavia: The End of a Multicultural Utopia"

Making Economic Sense

Anatomy of the State

The Private Production of Defense

Liberty and Property

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The heart of Austrian economics is its theory of value, exchange, productio... (more) Register Now

"The Road to Serfdom: Despotism, Then and Now"
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This course covers Part II of Human Action. It is not required to have take... (more) Register Now

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