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Our Oligarchs Can Thank James Madison

Recent research has shown that the United States government functions to benefit wealthy interests while ignoring the average citizen. James Madison and the Federalists thought that forcing the independent states into a larger union would prevent this. They were wrong.

Killing the Maximum-Wage Myth

It’s unclear how Congress is qualified to set the “correct” wage for business owners and executives.

Mises Economics Blog

Mises Updates: Audio: Mark Thornton Discusses 'The Bastiat Reader'
From the 2014 AERC: At the Authors' Forum this year, Mark Thornton discussed the origins and scope of The Bastiat Reader a new collection of Bastiat's writings to become widely available later this year. Full audio here.  S ... More »

Matt McCaffrey: Lean Startups and Capital Ownership
In the last few years, there has been a big emphasis in entrepreneurship on “lean” startups. Being lean basically means avoiding unnecessary costs early in the development of a new venture, thus minimizing waste and reducing the negative effects of u ... More »

Daniel J. Sanchez: Limited time offer! 3 courses for the price of 1
SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Enroll in “Basics of Economics: Government Intervention” (formerly titled “How Government Wrecks the Economy”), which is the third and final course in Robert Murphy’s Basics of Economics series, before the f ... More »

Hunter Lewis: Further to Julian Adorney on the Maximum Wage
It is worth recalling that Congress during the first Clinton administration passed legislation limiting cash compensation for CEO's of public companies to $1 million. The result was that compensation swung to stock options. This in turn encourage ... More »

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Gold Standard: Perspectives in the Austrian School, The

The world’s financial system is in a precarious state, and everywhere the cry is heard for reform. The contributors to this notable anthology argue for one particular sort of reform, a retur... More »

Individualism and Economic Order

If you are looking to acquaint yourself with F.A. Hayek's perspective on economic theory--beyond his business cycle and monetary studies of the interwar years--this is the best source. The collect... More »

Lessons for the Young Economist

This is the textbook Lessons for the Young Economist. We are beyond mere excitement about Lessons for the Young Economist. It is easily the best introduction to economics for the young reader&m... More »

Newly Updated E-books

Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth

The Gold Standard: Perspectives in the Austrian School

Anatomy of the State

Deflation and Liberty

Study Guide to Human Action: A Treatise on Economics

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"The Road to Serfdom: Despotism, Then and Now"
The purpose of this course, "The Road to Serfdom: Despotism Then and Now," ... (more) Register Now

"Broken Capitalism"
This course will use some of the best writing of Henry Hazlitt and Ludwig v... (more) Register Now

"Anatomy of the Fed"
This course covers both the theory and history behind the Federal Reserve, ... (more) Register Now

"Human Action: Austrian Sociology"
This course covers Part II of Human Action. It is not required to have take... (more) Register Now

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