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Mises U: "A Week Unlike Any Other"


During Mises University this week, we will be sharing short interviews with some of this year's students.

Zachary Yost is a graduate student at Catholic University and a a Free Society Fellow with Young Voices.

What brings you to Mises U?

Mises U is a week unlike any other. It is the best place to learn from and engage with the top minds in the Austro-libertarian tradition and to network with like-minded peers at similar levels of their intellectual journey. 

Who are you most looking forward to seeing this week?

There a lot of faculty I am looking forward to seeing, but I am most excited to see Guido Hulsmann lecture on the economics of fractional reserve banking. 

How does Mises U benefit you?

I am immensely fortunate to be attending Mises U for the second time. Last year my experience led me to apply to grad school, which I will be starting this fall. On a more direct level, Mises U has been invaluable in establishing a solid foundation in economic and social principles that are not often included in my discipline of political theory, but are necessary for any true understanding of the social sciences.

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Zachary Yost

Zachary Yost is a freelance writer and Mises U alum. You can subscribe to his newsletter here.

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