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The Market for Austrian Economics

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Around the world there are many academics who make a living from Austrian economics. They write books, publish articles, organize conferences and are the people at the forefront of the movement. By constantly critiquing themselves and others, they build upon the Misesian framework, enriching, developing and deepening our understanding of praxeology. This group of people could be referred to as the producers of Austrian economics. There is another group of course: the consumers of Austrianism. Though the producers of economic theory often write to other producers and peers, it is nonetheless true that people like myself and other non-academic/non-professional hobbyists enjoy and support what Hans-Hermann Hoppe calls the "anti-intellectual intellectuals." Indeed, organizations such as the Mises Institute and the Instituto Juan de Mariana not only promote the creation of more theory but also its consumption and enjoyment outside of the inner core of economists, ethicists and philosophers. The market for Austrian economics is growing and potentially huge. As people wake up from their dogmatic socialist slumber, correct epistemology and methodology must replace the debunked yet still popular positivism, scientism and historicism that are found in the mainstream media and academic thought.

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