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It's Over: Tokyo Tom Concedes


I had no idea that my recent article "Standards of Environmental Good and Evil: Why Environmentalism Is Misanthropic" would be so successful that it would persuade even Tokyo Tom. Yet it apparently has. See his blog comment on my article, where, in the midst of what seems to be considerable agitation, he concedes my essential points. He writes:

I`m with you, Dr. Reisman!! You`ve convinced me. Hating America and hating the human race are wrong . . . .

This is what I was hoping to accomplish with you all along, Tom. If you're sincere and you've really abandoned your misanthropic views and the kind of hate-America attitudes held by your namesake "Tokyo Rose," then you no longer have anything to be so ashamed of that you cannot reveal your identity. I look forward to learning who you are.

Who knows, in years to come, people may look back on your intellectual awakening and say that you were the first environmentalist to become a "Born-Again Human Being."

P.S. I certainly hope that no one will accuse me of taking Tom's concession out of context, and thus using statements against him that he didn't really mean. Because that would imply that he doesn't think it's wrong to hate America and the human race.


George Reisman

George Reisman, Ph.D., is Pepperdine University Professor Emeritus of Economics and the author of Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics (Ottawa, Illinois: Jameson Books, 1996; Kindle Edition, 2012). See his Amazon.com author's page for additional titles by him. His website is Capitalism.net and his blog is GeorgeReismansBlog.blogspot.com

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