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IP Imperialism (Russia, Intellectual Property , and the WTO)

Russia Adopts New IP Laws to Strengthen Bid for WTO:

The Red Square has recently amended its Intellectual Property legislation in attempt to secure endorsement form the US for its bid to enter the World Trade Organization. Russia is the only major world economy that does not hold membership with the WTO, although it has been campaigning for 12 years to get a spot. Its candidacy has been blocked by the US, who refuses to endorse the bid due to concerns over weak intellectual property rights as reflected in Russia's copyright protection and rampant piracy.

I wonder if, 10-20 years from now, Russian high school and college students, patent lawyers, and "sober professionals" will all repeat the mantra that "Russia has IP law because it is necessary to encourage innovation," or whether they will say, "we have IP law because America twisted our arm." Update: Russian music download site sends defiant message to US (thanks to Michael Barnett)


Stephan Kinsella

Stephan Kinsella is an attorney in Houston, director of the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom, and editor of Libertarian Papers.