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Why the 2020s Won't Be like the Roaring 20s

World HistoryMoney and Banking


The 1920s featured political détente, debt liquidations by prior consumer price inflation, an introductory stalling of monetary inflation, a German economic miracle, and a broad-based technological revolution. The 2020s have none of these. 

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The Betrayal of the Canadian Liberals

World History


The Canadian Liberal Party began as a party of classical liberalism, radically supportive of freedom and free markets. But those days are long over.

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Materialism Fails to Explain the West's Conflict with Islam

World History


Different people often react quite differently to the same conditions, so attempts to blame religious conflict on material deprivation fail. Ideological differences also better explain why Islam is not monolithic. 

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Capitalist Luxury vs. "The True Meaning of Christmas"

Media and CultureWorld History


The idea of ordinary people enjoying luxuries and "unnecessary" items has long troubled intellectuals and aristocrats. But thanks to capitalism, ordinary people can now enjoy the basic pleasures the ruling classes have long seized for their own. 

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25 Years Later: What the Euro Has Become

Money and BanksWorld History


The euro is moving further away from the original German idea of the common currency. Instead, the euro has become the tool of southern Europe, which seeks inflation to keep the gravy train going. 

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Colonialism Doesn't Explain the Developing World's Problems

World History


It is popular to assume that colonialism explains most modern-day dynamics in the developing world. But what if precolonial institutions are the real deciding factors?

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There Is No Conflict Between Classical Liberalism and Religion

World History


Although some conservatives may insist that the classical liberals are necessarily opposed to a "God-centered" social order, the historical facts suggest otherwise. 

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What Chile’s Vote to Change Its Constitution Means for Its Future

Economic FreedomWorld History


In recent decades, Chile set itself apart from the rest of Latin America with successful market reforms and a stable political system. Average Chileans prospered. But now that's all at risk. 

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A Conversation with Lipton Matthews

CapitalismMedia and CultureWorld History

"While many academics in the developing world view economics as a zero-sum game, I never entertained the argument that wealth is necessarily due to exploitation."

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Japan's Ultraloose Monetary Policy Has Undermined Savings and Prosperity

Monetary PolicyWorld History

The Japanese experience offers valuable lessons for the US and Europe. A loose monetary policy can stabilize a recession for the short term, but a persistent flood of cheap money paralyzes productivity gains and growth.

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