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The Chinese Economy: Market Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Bureaucracy and RegulationCapitalismEconomic FreedomPlanningPoliticsSocialismThe Police StateWorld History


China rose from poverty after the Mao years only because its political leadership embraced private property and a market economy. Unfortunately, today the Communist leadership is moving back to socialism.

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AI Lacks the Entrepreneurial Intelligence to Plan an Economy

The EntrepreneurPlanningSocialismCalculation and Knowledge


Despite what many elites believe, AI can do many things, but it cannot successfully plan an economy. It lacks the intelligence of an entrepreneur.

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Want to Follow Your Dreams? The First Step Involves Hard Work



Adults tell young people to follow their dreams, but one cannot follow one's vision without realizing what it takes to get there.

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Jordan Peterson on Austrian Economics: Free Markets Are "Profoundly Equitable"

CoordinationFree MarketsPhilosophyPlanningPhilosophy and MethodologyPraxeology


Jordan Peterson is turning his eye toward Austrian economics. Unlike the many conservatives who see free market advocacy as some sort of "dangerous fundamentalism," Peterson seems to get it.

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The Great Reset, Part VI: Plans of a Technocratic Elite

PlanningThe Police State


The cozy relationship between multinational corporations and governments has aroused the scorn of a few left-leaning critics. They note that the governance model of the World Economic Forum represents at least the partial privatization of the UN’s Agenda 2030, with the WEF bringing corporate...

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The Great Reset, Part V: Woke Ideology

PhilosophyPlanningPolitical Theory


How would a reset of the mass mind come to pass that would allow for the many elements of the Great Reset to be put into place—without mass rebellion, that is? This is the function of ideology.

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Economists and Psychologists Are Weaponizing Psychology and the Idea of "Rationality"

Bureaucracy and RegulationFinancial MarketsPaternalismPlanning


Behavioral economists and psychologists define as irrational anything that doesn't fit into a narrow model of behavior. Anything "irrational"—like buying the "wrong" stock—must be fixed with government regulation.

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Central Bank Digital Currency: A Primer

Monetary PolicyPlanningMoney and Banking

Let us begin with what CBDCs definitely are not: they are not a new kind of cryptocurrency akin to bitcoin.

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Mill: Socialism Could Work for More Advanced People



Though he was generally a Ricardian, John Stuart Mill thought that the main obstacle to socialism is that people might not yet be civilized enough to put it into practice. 

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Climate Change Policy Isn't Worth Its High Cost

The EnvironmentPlanning


The doomsday mantra of climate activists is guided by antihumanism and a desire for control. This worldview is a grave danger to human flourishing.

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