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Are Robots and AI Really Going to Displace All Workers? Probably Not

CapitalismFree MarketsStrategy


As fear that robots and artificial intelligence will take over whole lines of work, it is time to examine the real relationship between capital and the rest of us.

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In Government-Regulated Healthcare, There Is No Competition Like No Competition

Bureaucracy and RegulationFree MarketsHealthProgressivism


Progressives are quick to blame escalating healthcare costs on free markets, yet it's government rules and policies that are responsible.

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Consumers, Workers, and Monopolies: Free Markets Serve All

Free MarketsSocialismMonopoly and Competition


Among Mises's contributions was his doctrine of consumer sovereignty in a free market.

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Private versus Government Health Insurance: They Are Not the Same

Bureaucracy and RegulationFree Markets


Government programs like Medicare are called insurance, yet they are anything but. There is a difference between public and private plans.

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To Many, America Still Is a Place of Opportunity (Unless Progressives Destroy That, Too)

Free MarketsImmigration


People still come to America, but it is because of the foundation created by private enterprise, not because of progressive politics.

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Can We Have Scarcity but Reject the "Scarcity Mindset?" In a Word, No

Free MarketsProgressivism


Progressives claim that while they might acknowledge the presence of scarcity, nonetheless, we can reject a "scarcity mindset" because governments can order an end to scarcity through fiat.

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Myth versus Ideology: Why Free Market Thinking Is Nonideological

Free MarketsSocialism


Austrian economists often are labeled ideologues for advocating for free markets, yet socialism requires the ideological blinders.

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Federal Reserve Tampering with Interest Rates Distorts the Shape of the Yield Curve

The FedFree MarketsInflationBusiness Cycles


In a free market, short-term and long-term rates would move toward convergence. Fed interference with interest rates ensures that won't happen.

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Slavery Did Not Promote Capitalism: The New Economic History of Capitalism Is Simply Wrong

CapitalismFree MarketsU.S. History


Academic historians of the "acclaimed" new history of capitalism have a major weakness: their claims do not match the historical record.

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A Cliché of Socialism: Under Public Ownership, We the People Own it!

Free MarketsProperty RightsSocialism


Proponents of socialism claim that it promotes ownership "by the people." Yet the people that actually control resources and production are not the same people who allegedly are the "rightful owners" in society

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