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Four States Vote to Punish Low-Skilled Workers With Minimum Wage Hikes

The EntrepreneurPolitical TheoryValue and Exchange


Recent minimum wage increases will both increase the cost of living and limit employment for low-skilled workers.

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Will Driverless Cars Make Traffic Cops Irrelevant?

The EntrepreneurPolitical Theory


The states control over deciding who drives and how becomes a lot less relevant in a world of autonomous cars.

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New Overtime Rules Will Make Life Much Harder for Young Workers

The EntrepreneurPolitical Theory


Salaried jobs provide opportunities and flexibility. Government regulators want to take those options away.

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Ignorance Is More Costly in Politics than in Markets

The EntrepreneurCalculation and KnowledgePolitical TheoryValue and Exchange


Not understanding how politics works will prove to be much more harmful than ignorance about how markets work.

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Latest Regs Show "Consumer Protection" Can Justify Pretty Much Anything

The EntrepreneurPolitical Theory


When new and burgeoning markets find themselves operating in unregulated territories, it does not take long for the state to intervene.

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The Trumped-Up Myths Behind "Trickle-Down" Economics

The EntrepreneurTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory


The critique of "trickle-down" economics relies on a mistaken zero-sum view that more income for some must reduce incomes to others.

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Henry Hazlitt's Dystopia: A Review of Time Will Run Back

The EntrepreneurPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


Henry Hazlitt brings to his only novel, Time Will Run Back, the same clarity and ease for the reader he brought to Economics in One Lesson.

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The Ethics of Entrepreneurship and Profit

The EntrepreneurPolitical TheoryPraxeology


With a state in existence, ultimately, all private property becomes state property.

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Leave The Street Food Alone!

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurshipPolitical Theory


In Brazil, street food is an important source of income for poor households. So why is the government always interfering in the street-food economy?

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