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William Penn, Great American

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October 14 is a date celebrated in Pennsylvania, but unfortunately not in other states. That is because it marks the 1644 birthday of William Penn—its founder, but also an important contributor to freedom in the US.

Before Pennsylvania was founded, Penn defended British rights on which...

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The Muddied Waters of Adam Smith's Life



James Buchan's new book provides further evidence to support Murray Rothbard's thesis that Adam Smith was a somewhat brilliant man without direction and significant insight. And yet, Smith's views were embraced by many, including both...

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Hayek's Birthday!



May 8 marks the 1899 birth of Friedrich Hayek. Though best known as an economist, he was acclaimed for contributions in many fields. Nobel Prize winners and others have lauded him as the 20th century's outstanding economist, social scientist, and political philosopher. Peter Boettke named him "...

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Harry Browne, RIP


How sad to hear the news that Harry Browne (born June 17, 1933), author and long-time spokesman for libertarian causes, died yesterday, March 1, 2006. He was a man of great principle who courageously and consistently stood up for liberty even when his position clashed with mainstream political...

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Happy Birthday Ms. Lane!



Today, December 5, marks the birthday of Rose Wilder Lane (Daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder) born 1886 and died 1968. She was one of the last century's most ardent defenders of American freedoms. In books such as The Discovery of Freedom (one of the top 100 non-fiction books of the 20th...

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Remembering Thomas Babington Macaulay



One of the best writers of the old liberal school was Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay (1800-1859), the Whig historian, essayist and statesman. He was an unashamed advocate of economic freedom and a writer who excelled at pointing out the errors of logic and abuses of power he saw at work around...

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Robbins on Mises

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New in the Ward and Massey Libraries, among 25,000 titles. Lord Robbins, Autobiography of an Economist (London: MacMillan, St. Martin's Press, 1971). From pp. 107-108:

I cannot leave this theme [the non-viability of socialism] without expressing further...
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Patrick Henry's Birthday



May 29th marks the birthday in 1736 of Patrick Henry, America's "Orator of Liberty." His "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech in March 1775 was the spark that ignited the Revolution in Virginia, and continues to serve as a battle cry for...

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The Inaugural Mises Circle in Houston

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March 4, 2006


Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant in Houston, Texas

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