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Robbins on Mises

BiographiesAustrian Economics Overview


New in the Ward and Massey Libraries, among 25,000 titles. Lord Robbins, Autobiography of an Economist (London: MacMillan, St. Martin's Press, 1971). From pp. 107-108:

I cannot leave this theme [the non-viability of socialism] without expressing further...
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Patrick Henry's Birthday



May 29th marks the birthday in 1736 of Patrick Henry, America's "Orator of Liberty." His "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech in March 1775 was the spark that ignited the Revolution in Virginia, and continues to serve as a battle cry for...

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Michael Boldin on Hanging Out with 2 Live Crew and Sticking it to the NSA

BiographiesLegal SystemMedia and Culture

Michael Boldin explains how he ended up advising state governments to kick the NSA out of their backyard.
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Hoppe: The In-Depth Interview

BiographiesSocialismPrivate Property

02/28/2020The Austrian
Hans-Hermann Hoppe is a compelling figure: bold in his arguments, unstinting in his criticisms, and razor sharp with language and definitions. This interview goes in depth on a variety of subjects, many of which he seldom discusses publicly.
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Mises and the Renaissance of Austrian Economics

BiographiesHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

Presented at Hillsdale "College's Conference Commemorating the Centenary of the Birth of Ludwig von Mises" on September 10, 1981.
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Jeff Deist: The Tom Woods Interview


01/22/2020The Austrian
A fun interview which looks back on the Ron Paul Revolution, and provides insight into how he crafted a populist message for ordinary people across the country tired of top-down bureaucratic control from DC.
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Why Trump’s Ukraine Call Was Small Potatoes

BiographiesPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

Bob Murphy reviews the scandalous and corrupt activities of recent US presidents.
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Ludwig von Mises: Scholar, Teacher, and Hero

BiographiesAustrian Economics Overview

Presented at the Mises Institute's "First Annual Advanced Instructional Conference in Austrian Economics" at Stanford University.
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