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Happy Birthday, Ralph!



Today is the 78th birthday of Ralph Raico, the foremost historian of classical liberalism.  Among many other works, Ralph is the author of two outstanding collections of essays, Classical Liberalism...

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Update on Toshio Murata, student of Mises in 1959-60

BiographiesHistory of the Austrian School of Economics


Toshio Murata was a student of Mises in New York, and translated Human Action into Japanese. He is almost single-handedly responsible for creating an Austrian/Misesian movement in Japan. Marc Abela of Mises Japan sends us this update, along with some...

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Another Student Remembers Gary Becker



Dr. Tracy Miller, an economist at Grove City College was a graduate student of Gary Becker at the University of Chicago. Dr. Miller provides a sketch of Becker's contributions as well as some personal ...

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Burt Blumert



I just had a long conversation with a longtime member of the Mises Institute. We discussed the economy, gold investments, and the great Burt Blumert. I thought it would be worthwhile to post Burt's Wikipedia entry here for both all the...

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Happy Birthday, Israel Kirzner



The eminent Austrian economist Israel M. Kirzner turns 83 today. Last week I was privileged to participate in an event honoring Kirzner with the Fund for the Study of Spontaneous Order...

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Caplan on "The Awful Mill"

BiographiesPolitical Theory


Bryan Caplan recently blogged about "the awful" John Stuart Mill, calling him  "shockingly muddled."

Rothbard, more than perhaps any other scholar, exposed Mill's muddleheadedness and its likely roots.  His...

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Unmasking Tyranny Again

BiographiesU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory


One would not think someone legal historian M.J.C. Vile called "in some ways the most impressive political theorist that America has produced" would remain virtually unknown here. But that is true of John Taylor of Caroline.

John Taylor served in the...

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Louis Michael Spadaro, RIP

BiographiesAustrian Economics Overview


Press release here:

Louis Michael Spadaro, Ph.D., the founding dean of the Fordham University Graduate School of Business Administration, died on May 3 at his home in Syracuse, N.Y. He was 94. Spadaro, a New York City native, joined the Fordham faculty in 1939, and as professor...
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