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Interview: Mark Thornton on Rothbard, Skyscrapers, and More

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Mark Thornton and Grégoire Canlorbe discuss Mises, Rothbard, the Drug War, and Adam Smith in this interview from Institut Coppet in France.

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Was Rothbard Really So Intransigent?



Rothbard, far more than his Beltway critics, understood the practical necessity of working with diverse people on an issue by issue basis.

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James Champlin: An Early Advocate for Free Trade

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James Champlin, a 19th-century critic of protectionism, anticipated many of the free-trade insights of the Austrian school.

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Customer Service, Government Style: Huge Wait Times for TSA "Security"

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The taxpayers will complain a little, but they'll be sure to re-elect most of the politicians who gave us this status quo.

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Tibor Machan, RIP



Tibor Machan, a leading libertarian philosopher, has died.

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Mises Weekends: Revisiting Rothbard

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On the latest episode of Mises Weekend, Jeff Deist and Matt McCaffrey discuss Murray N. Rothbard's enduring legacy.

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Murray Rothbard at 90



March 2 would have been Murray Rothbard's ninetieth birthday. His immense knowledge, creativity, and devotion to liberty are unequaled.

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Carl Menger: Founder of the Austrian School

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In this excerpt from his brilliant Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism, Guido Hülsmann illustrates how Carl Menger's experience as a financial journalist led to his developing the revolutionary foundations of the Austrian school of economics.

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Wilhelm Röpke (1899 - 1966)



Wilhelm Röpke died on this date fifty years ago. He was an excellent economist thoroughly grounded in a realistic view of human action and who, therefore, continually fought against the dehumanizing effects of Keynesian and mathematical economics.

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Nathaniel Branden,R.I.P.



Nathaniel Branden died today. He was for many years the leading follower of Ayn Rand and  lectured widely on her philosophy of Objectivism.

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