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Professor Huerta de Soto on Javier Milei

Llast Thursday, 25 Jan. 2024, Jesús Huerta de Soto last commented during class on Javier Milei´s speech in Davos. De Soto pointed out that politics is a difficult and dangerous arena which he does not recommend to enter. However, he embraces Milei´s success wholeheartedly: "A disciple [Javier Milei], who has been the reason of one of my greatest joys in life, against my recommendation, as I already say in my articles, do not destroy your life by dedicating yourself to politics, and he has dedicated himself. As fate would have it, or the hand of God, he has ended up as president of the Argentine Republic. He has immolated his life. You cannot imagine what it is to dedicate yourself to politics, especially in a country like Argentina, not that it is particularly bad, it is like Spain, it is to destroy one's life."

Prof. Huerto de Soto continues:

"I do not know what will happen with his program in Argentina. I only know two things: we already owe him [Milei] something of immense value. What he did for humanity and that is to have brought to the agenda and to have made popular the idea of freedom, terms such as anarcho-capitalism and to have awakened citizens from their lethargy."

Due to Milei´s efforts many people discovered that they were anarcho-capitalists and say:

“I didn't know it, now that I listen to him I realize what I am: an anarcho-capitalist".

Therefore, Huerta de Soto concludes: "It doesn't matter what happens in Argentina, although I wish it to be very successful, but what Milei has already achieved has an immense value. I have been repeating the same things for 40 years and now it already has a universal echo. Good for Milei. And two, as long as Argentina does well, only moderately well. Imagine, what will happen…"

In this case, Huerta de Soto says that “the Nobel Prize in Economics should to awarded to both Israel Kirzner as the leading living representative of the Austrian School of Economics, and to president Javier Milei as someone capable of putting these ideas into practice".

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