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Google Search Results Exclude Mises Wire Articles

Having trouble finding an old Mises Wire article? It appears that Google has demoted and delisted Mises.org content, especially if it is over two years old.

For example, try finding Ryan McMaken’s 2016 article, “Has the CIA been Politicized?” with a Google search. You will probably find webpages that have reprinted the article, and you may see some mises.org pages that mention the article, but you won’t find the article itself.

Google Search

Other search engines have no trouble providing the article at the top of search results.

Here is DuckDuckGo’s search results with the same search terms:

Duck Duck Go Search

And here is Microsoft Bing’s search results:

Bing Search

This is not unique to this article — many Mises Wire articles simply will not appear in Google search results, no matter how precise the search terms are.

The Mises Institute is no stranger to censorship; these actions have been anticipated.

YouTube videos of talks at our events, especially ones on the government’s covid propaganda, have been taken down. This is why Mises Institute video content is posted on a variety of video hosting sites, like Odysee, Bitchute, and Rumble.

In a presentation at Mises University this year, Lew Rockwell said that the work of the Mises Institute “is more necessary than it has ever been.” Censorship will always be an obstacle for truth-tellers, but censorship never works, especially in the long run. The more the establishment suppresses ideas like sound economics, freedom, and peace, the more people become interested in seeing what is being hidden from them.

Update, 11/13/2023: It appears that the article mentioned above is now appearing in Google search results, but others are still missing.

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