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Recent Comments About the Mises Institute

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12/13/2012Mises Institute

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From Ron Paul

Let me tell you, the work of the Mises Institute is crucial. This is important. This is more important than all political action. We have to change people’s hearts and minds, and their understanding of free markets and individual liberty. That’s how we can change the world. I’m very optimistic about the spreading of this message, especially in this computer age.

From Students

As a Summer Fellow this year, I had the opportunity to conduct full-time research for my thesis, immersed in the company of some of the best scholars and students in the field. What more could you want? -- Christopher Oppermann, Harvard University

The vast resources of the Mises Institute, the guidance of its faculty, and the interaction with like-minded students have been indispensable to my research. -- Jonathan Newman, Auburn University

The Mises Institute provides an inspiring academic environment for students of all backgrounds and disciplines. -- Matthew McCaffrey, University of Angers

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From Faculty

I am very happy to be associated with the Mises Institute and all the good work it has done in the past decades. It has literally helped to shape my life. -- Dr. Paul Cwik, Mount Olive College

Thank you to the Members of the Mises Institute. You are ultimately the people who make everything happen at the Institute. -- Dr. Mark Thornton, Auburn University and Senior Fellow, Mises Institute.

I love the people who operate the Mises Institute, the people who are associated with it, the people who are interested in it, and of course the people who support it. You are helping to sustain some wonderful work. Even greater work lies ahead, with your support. -- Dr. Robert Higgs, Senior Fellow Independent Institute and Mises Institute

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From Donors

I attended Mises University 2003 and am now a businessman. I learned more being with you for two weeks than five years in the university. And if you asked me the one thing that makes me most proud except for being a father and family man, it is to be in the fight for freedom with you. --Hubert Strecker, Denmark

The Mises Institute is like a beacon of hope for those of us seeking informed economic diagnosis of the world. --Larry James, North Carolina

I have learned far more by reading on Mises.org than I learned during my MBA studies. You have opened my eyes to the truth. For this, I am very grateful. -- Tony Crisafulli, New Jersey

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Mises Institute

The Mises Institute works to advance the Austrian school of economics and the Misesian tradition, and defends the market economy, private property, sound money, and peaceful international relations, while opposing state intervention.

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