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Privatizing Climate Policy

The Environment

01/01/2010The Free Market
There is no secure foundation in climate science for the current policy rhetoric; governments simply lack the knowledge to operate climate-change policy effectively. Moreover, policy is based on the neoclassical economics assumption that climate change is a case of market failure. However, it is...


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The Tax Gougers, and more

Taxes and Spending

06/06/2006The Free Market
The first Republican governor in Maryland in 35 years “celebrated” his victory by imposing the largest property tax increase in the state’s history. Ignorant Maryland voters still believe that voting Republican is a vote against Big Government!


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Unions v Workers, and more


02/01/2006The Free Market
Today’s college students may never learn the principles of supply and demand, or understand how many billions of dollars companies like Wal-Mart save American consumers (including their own families), but they are indoctrinated as freshmen that any “moral” person should hate “outlaw” corporations (...


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The Price-Control Calamity


12/01/2005The Free Market
The Free Market 26, no. 12 (December 2005) Supply and demand have been allowed to work—at least in a limited way—in energy markets, resulting in ups and downs in gasoline prices. Strong demand coupled with regulatory supply restrictions that were worsened by several hurricanes caused gasoline...
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Farmed Robbery

Big GovernmentInterventionism

06/01/2005The Free Market
Ending price supports would certainly allow agricultural markets to work more efficiently, but isn’t it odd to observe the government voluntarily ending a subsidy program that benefits a powerful political constituency—wealthy corporate farmers? It is odd indeed, which is why it isn’t true.
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Marx Lite

Big GovernmentHealthInterventionism

12/01/2004The Free Market
If we continue to pay attention to authors like Schlosser and Ehrenreich who blame the free market for the problems we face, public support for the market will dwindle to less than it is already, and the prosperity that the free market generates will be destroyed.
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The New Deal Debunked

Booms and BustsU.S. History

11/01/2004The Free Market
It was capitalism that finally ended the Great Depression, not FDR’s harebrained cartel, wage-increasing, unionizing, and welfare state expanding policies.
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The Union Myth


10/01/2004The Free Market
Mises was right that unions have always been a primary source of anti-capitalistic propaganda. But since he wrote Human Action, American unions have also been at the forefront of lobbying efforts on behalf of the regulation and taxation of business—of capital—that has severely hampered the market...
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Student Government Blues


09/01/2004The Free Market
Colleges offer their students a taste of reality by simulating the political atmosphere of society with the presence of student government associations (SGAs). The election process succeeds in mimicking many aspects of real political campaigns: the cutthroat environment of campaign promises...
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