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Sweatshops: A Way Out of Poverty

Global Economy

09/07/2014The Free Market
These so-called sweatshops are part of the development process that leads to better conditions. Austrian economic theory teaches that people choose purposively to improve their situation.
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Ron Paul on The School Revolution


10/29/2013The Free Market
People during the presidential campaigns spoke of a Ron Paul Revolution. But without a revolution in education, there can be no Revolution.
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The Many Names for Money Creation

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

01/03/2011The Free Market
Thanks to the doublespeak of monetary-policy experts, the launch of monetary policy leading to high inflation may not be discernible by the public at large.


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The Democracy of the Market

Free Markets

11/01/2005The Free Market
The Free Market 26, no. 11 (November 2005) [ William Peterson is the winner of the 2005 Gary G. Schlarbaum Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Cause of Liberty, awarded by the Mises Institute. He has served a crucial role as a leading public intellectual, elaborating on the insights of Mises...
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Monopoly: Parker Brothers Gets It Wrong

Media and CultureMonopoly and Competition

06/01/2004The Free Market
In the game Monopoly, owners of land and houses and hotels, through acquiring their possessions by luck, are flattered into believing they are masters of the universe, extracting profits from anyone who passes their way. There is no consumer choice and no consumer sovereignty. This is not a small...
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Government Fuels the Drive to Outsource

InterventionismProduction Theory

06/01/2004The Free Market
Blaming free trade for the present predicament of so many workers is misplaced. But who should be blamed?
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The Meaning of Market Democracy

Free MarketsPolitical Theory

12/01/2003The Free Market
Ludwig Mises lit up a near-unknown yet highly effective daily democracy—the marketplace—in his Socialism (Liberty Classics, 1981, p. 11), giving this democracy a critically needed political dimension today. As Mises wrote: "When we call a capitalist society a consumers’ democracy we mean that the...
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Capitalism: The Greatest Charity

Free MarketsPolitical Theory

09/01/2002The Free Market
When a politician talks of "reform," grab your wallet. As in "welfare reform," for example. For as any hardened inside-the-Beltway observer of dark Washington ways can tell you, "welfare reform" is typically a spin for tightening the screws on the taxpayer and easing welfare access.
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Is Terror Good for the Economy?

Taxes and SpendingInterventionism

12/01/2001The Free Market
So, knock down the Empire State Building and we can further increase our economic output. Of course Krugman would not want just New York City's economy to grow, so we should also knock down the Sears Tower in Chicago and the Hancock Building in Boston. If this does not revive the economy, we better...
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Clinton's Socialist Confessor

Political Theory

05/01/1999The Free Market
President Clinton's pastor and spiritual advisor J. Philip Wogaman has shown great interest in economic theory and policy. A professor of Christian Social Ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C., and pastor of the Foundry Methodist Church, his writings on economic systems display a...
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