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The Lesson of Soviet Medicine

Big GovernmentHealthInterventionism

08/31/2018The Free Market
In 1918, the Soviet Union became the first country to promise universal “cradle-to-grave” healthcare coverage, to be accomplished through the complete socialization of medicine. The disastrous results speak for themselves.


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The Founding Fathers: Smugglers, Tax Evaders, and Traitors

U.S. History

07/04/2018The Free Market
Rarely does the media mention some important facts about the "Founding Fathers": that they were lawbreakers and "criminals" according to British law.


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England's Levellers: The World's First Libertarian Movement

World History

09/07/2014The Free Market
The first-ever libertarians were the Levellers, an English political movement active in the seventeenth century.
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Should Congress Raise the Debt Ceiling?

Taxes and SpendingU.S. Economy

06/01/2011The Free Market
Despite the handwringing and lectures from Geithner and his accomplices, there is no need to raise the federal debt limit. The US government already spends an obscene amount of money every month, and this could easily be scaled back to the current inflow of tax receipts.


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Why Is Unemployement So High?

Free MarketsInterventionism

03/01/2011The Free Market
The plight of American workers is bleak, far worse than the official statistics indicate.


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The Stimulus Scam

Booms and BustsBusiness Cycles

03/01/2010The Free Market
The recent improvement of the global economy, with particularly high economic- growth numbers for the United States, is just one more deception in a long series of deceptions that have plagued policy makers and investors.


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Media and Culture

02/01/2010The Free Market
The Mises Institute is pleased to announce the multimedia content on— thousands of hours of audio and video—is now available through iTunes U , a dedicated section within the iTunes Store ( ).


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Greenspan's Bogus Defense

The FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

04/01/2009The Free Market
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan tried to exonerate himself from the housing boom and bust. Even though more and more analysts are realizing that Greenspan’s low interest rates fueled the bubble, the ex-maestro himself uses statistics to defend his record.


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The Bank Robbery of 2008

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

10/01/2008The Free Market
This wasn’t an economic plan: it was a heist.


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Those Student Loan Scandals


06/01/2007The Free Market
The solution to the crisis in higher education is to take the government out of the equation.


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