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Mises: Scientist and Fighter

BiographiesAustrian Economics Overview

10/17/2018The Free Market
The historic contribution of Mises was represented not so much by the magisterial works that he produced in 1912, or 1922, in 1933, or 1940 — as by his courageous, lonely vigil during the arid decades of the 1940s, 50s and 60s.
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Menger the Revolutionary

History of the Austrian School of Economics

07/23/2018The Free Market
While Menger shared his contemporaries’ preference for abstract reasoning, he was primarily interested in explaining the real-world actions of real people.


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Entrepreneurship: The Drivng Force of the Economy

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

09/07/2014The Free Market
Entrepreneurship is the driving force of a market economy, and that entrepreneurs need property rights, the rule of law, sound money, and free and open competition to be successful.
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Without the State, Who Would Invent Tang?

The EntrepreneurMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

03/01/2013The Free Market
During the 2012 presidential campaign, President Obama made his now famous claim that “you didn’t build that” in reference to the infrastructure that businesses use to provide goods and services to customers.


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The Case for Legalizing Capitalism

Free MarketsInterventionism

08/01/2010The Free Market
I wanted to explain free markets in plain English to average citizens, so that they could understand which government policies help or harm them, and, as a consequence, so that they could vote in such a way as to improve their lives.


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The Cause of the Food Shortage

Free MarketsInterventionism

05/01/2008The Free Market
In sum, the real cause of continually rising food prices is the printing of money by world governments. And the real cause of actual food shortages is the prevention of profitable global trade in food by the ill-advised policies of the governments of the very people who are starving.


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The Fallacy of Gun Control

Political Theory

05/01/2007The Free Market
However horrendous we might find the mass shootings at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and other places, the fact is that when disaffected people start planning mass mayhem, the lack of a gun will not stop them.


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The Ordeal of Hoppe


04/01/2005The Free Market
Has academia become so politicized that teaching good economics, and using politically sensitive illustrations, can lead to threats, fines, penalties, demotion and worse? It certainly seemed so in early February when Hans-Hermann Hoppe, a leading student of Murray Rothbard and senior fellow of the...
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What's Wrong with Terror-Futures Markets?

Big GovernmentFree Markets

11/01/2003The Free Market
A growing recognition of the superiority of markets over planning has created an unviable hybrid: the planned market, one created not by property owners by the state and for the state.
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Postwar Home Front, The

War and Foreign Policy

10/01/1999The Free Market
Despite this formidable record of ethnic engineering, not until Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright commenced bombing Kosovo (in order to save it) was there an opportunity to import refugees (created by US imperialism) at taxpayer expense to the United States. The Clinton administration had...
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