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Obamacare and Other Disasters

Big GovernmentHealthMedia and CultureInterventionism

06/11/2013The Free Market
David Gordon gives a review of John R Lott's At the Brink: Will Obama Push Us Over the Edge?.


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Oil or Tax Gouging?


09/01/2000The Free Market
The economic ignorance of politicians and bureaucrats never surprises me, and the recent events concerning rising oil prices are no different. Recently Sen. Dick Durbin (D- Illinois) accused the oil industry of "gouging" the public stating "It's an increase directly attributable to profit-taking by...
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On Resistance

Political Theory

05/01/1998The Free Market
When the three top dogs of the U.S. global empire went to Ohio University, hoping to explain why we needed to drop bombs on Iraq, they were met with fierce resistance. This event, broadcast worldwide, caused the Clinton administration to rethink its bombs-away strategy. A war was averted and untold...
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Oil Slick

The EnvironmentFree Markets

11/01/1997The Free Market
Employees at the Environmental Protection Agency presume to protect us from all sorts of supposed evils. But in doing so, no bureaucrats, save the tax collectors, are more vicious in their trampling of property rights. For example, they have made life miserable for people who own auto salvage and...
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Oil Prices Again

Monopoly and CompetitionPrices

10/01/1990The Free Market
Sometimes it seems that our entire apparatus of economic education: countless courses, students, professors, textbooks, backed up—in the case of oil pricing—by a decade of experience in the 1970s, is a gigantic waste of time. Certainly it seems that way when we ponder the near-universal reaction to...


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Outlawing Jobs: the Minimum Wage, Once More

Free MarketsInterventionism

12/01/1988The Free Market
There is no clearer demonstration of the essential identity of the two political parties than their position on the minimum wage. The Democrats propose to raise the legal minimum wage from $3.35 an hour, to which it had been raised by the Reagan administration during its allegedly free-market salad...


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