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Early Anti-Imperialism

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08/06/2014Leonard P. Liggio

The anti-imperialist American youth of today are, without realizing it. following in a great tradition of modern anti-imperislism inaugurated during the burgeoning of US imperialism at the time of the Spanish-American War. This applies not only to the opposition as a whole, hut even to such tactics as agitating among US troops against the war effort. This heritage applies also to what the statist ideologues of National Review have perceptively called the 'anarchist impulse", which they discern at the root of American youth's support of Negroes or Vietnamese oppressed or assaulted by the US State-apparatus.

Volume 2, Number 2; Spring 1966

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Liggio, Leonard P. "Early Anti-Imperialism" Left and Right 2, No. 2 (Spring 1966): 39-57.

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