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A Critique of the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model

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10/22/2022Kristoffer Mousten HansenKarras Lambert

While Bitcoin's S2F Model has come under some criticism, the best analysis of its flaws comes from perspective of Austrian Economics.

Original Article: "A Critique of the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model"

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Kristoffer Mousten Hansen

 Kristoffer Mousten Hansen is a Mises Institute Fellow and research assistant at the Institute for Economic Policy at Leipzig University. 

Contact Karras Lambert

Karras J. Lambert is a PhD student in economics at George Mason University and a 2021 Mises Institute Summer Research Fellow. He previously earned a Masters degree in finance from Peking University HSBC Business School and a B.S. in economics from Drexel University. Karras specializes in economic theory in the tradition of Carl Menger and Ludwig von Mises.
Original Article: 
A Critique of the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model