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Yes, Inequality Is a Problem — When Caused by the Government


Some inequality arises naturally from freedom of choice. Some comes from government meddling. One is good and the other is bad.
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Your Questions for Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell

큰 정부자유시장전략

A special Question-and-Answer period at the Mises Institute's 2018 Supporters Summit in Auburn, Alabama.
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Yuri Maltsev: Why Socialism Endures

큰 정부교육미디어와 문화정치 이론

Yuri Maltsev, a victim of Soviet totalitarianism in his youth, explains how and why westerners still don't understand what socialism really means.
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Yuri Maltsev: Socialism, Fascism, and Trumpism

미디어와 문화미국 역사세계역사정치 이론

Jeff Deist and Yuri Maltsev discuss Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Western progressives' silly and enduring love affair with socialism.
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Yes, Minimum Wages Still Increase Unemployment

큰 정부자유시장가격

In recent years, some economists, contrary to long-established and widely-accepted economic theory, have been claiming that increases in the minimum wage do not increase unemployment. But both logic and the data say otherwise, writes Andrew Syrios. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Robert Hale.
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Year-End Message

There are so many ways to help: a single gift, a convenient monthly credit-card charge, your company's matching gift, a donation of appreciated securities, or including the Mises Institute in your Will. Even gold and Bitcoin ! Your generosity now will lead to future generations of freedom leaders...
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You Can’t Run an Economy with Spreadsheets

계산과 지식생산 이론

An economy cannot be successfully planned with computers and technicians. Mises and Hayek proved this decades ago, writes Nicolás Cachanosky. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Allan Davis.
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Yuri N. Maltsev: Soviet Defector on the Loss of Freedom in America


Jeff Deist and Yuri Maltsev discuss his defection from the former USSR and the Marxist economic mindset.
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