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NASA Nonsense


Gregg Easterbrook has an excellent piece in Slate tearing apart NASA's much-heralded plans to put a base on the moon. I especially like that he ridicules the government's claim that establishing a moon presence will help us create "heritage sites" — i.e., nature preserves of nothing but lunar dust that no one would disturb anyway! Walter Block and I tackle exactly that issue ("space environmentalism") in a forthcoming law review article.

How silly the entire space program is; or that some who generally advocate capitalism, such as Ayn Rand, would consider such foolishness in any way laudable or worthwhile. Leonard Read, however, saw right through it, noting in his book Anything That's Peaceful that NASA employees have an "unnatural specialization."

Jacob Huebert is a constitutional lawyer in Chicago and the author of Libertarianism Today, an introduction to libertarianism and the libertarian movement.

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