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Buy the Icepick that Killed Trotsky! (maybe)


MSNBC is reporting that the icepick purportedly used to kill Leon Trotsky may be offered for sale by its present owner, Ana Alicia Salas of Mexico City. Salas' possession of the ice pick came about due to her father's position as a secret police commander in the 1940s. Trotsky's grandson, Esteban Volkov, objects to the possibility of a sale on Indiana Jones grounds, arguing that the owner should not be able to sell the artifact because, "It should be in [a] museum." Volkov, apparently not taking his grandfather's ice-pick "lesson" to heart, declares in the article that "Marxism is still valid, and present... though we do live in a market economy." Well, it is certainly present...

Joey Clark is a freelance writer and political commentator. He is currently a radio producer and talk show host in Montgomery, AL. Read his blog.

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