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Fabrizio Ferrari

Fabrizio Ferrari is a graduate student in economics.

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Europe's Communists Are Trying to Blame COVID-19 on Markets and "Neoliberalism"



Far from being a sign of alleged capitalist brutality, the spread of international trade and market freedom is a sign of greater global cooperation and solidarity.

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What "Lender of Last Resort" Is Supposed to Mean

Other Schools of Thought


Modern central banks have already moved far beyond what was once considered the proper role for a central bank as a "lender of last resort." Now Keynesians and MMTers want to take things even further.

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The European Central Bank Is Being Stretched to Its Breaking Point in Italy


At this point, monetary policy can't save Italy. Promises from Europe's central bank have allowed Italian policymakers to avoid coming to terms with Italy's bankrupt reality. Until now.

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Libra as a Competitor to Inflationary Central Banks

07/15/2019Power & Market
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After Draghi, Europe Needs a Hawk To Head the ECB

06/18/2019Power & Market
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