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February Austrian Money Metric: Money Supply Growth Falls to Four-Month Low

Money and BanksMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


In February, the money supply fell slightly, but remains steady thanks to a continued influx of Treasury deposits at the Fed.

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Mateusz Machaj on the Taylor Rule

InterventionismMonetary Theory


Former Mises Fellow Mateusz Machaj has published a new paper, "Can the Taylor Rule be a Good Guidance for Policy? The Case of 2001–2008 Real Estate Bubble" in the journal Prague Economic Papers.

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The Undeserving Rich

Monetary TheoryMoney and Banking


Asking wealthy elites to provide opinions about central banking generally results in reticence on their part. After all, many billionaires became rich or stay rich only because the global economy has been "financialized".

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Carl Menger: Founder of the Austrian School

BiographiesAustrian Economics OverviewHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsMonetary Theory


In this excerpt from his brilliant Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism, Guido Hülsmann illustrates how Carl Menger's experience as a financial journalist led to his developing the revolutionary foundations of the Austrian school of economics.

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Mises and Bernanke on Money and Inequality

The FedMonetary TheoryMoney and BankingPrices

I’d like to think Mises would have spared a few minutes of his precious time “exploding the fallacy”—an often used expression in his writings—of Bernanke’s most recent musings.

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The Housewife, the Central Bank, and the CPI

Monetary TheoryMoney and BankingPrices

It is hardly a relief for British households that £100 worth of consumer goods will now cost them around £99.90, when other prices in the UK economy are experiencing a rapid inflation. 

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Salerno's "Modest Proposal" paper is in Top 10 Downloads

The FedMonetary Theory


Joseph Salerno's paper "A Modest Proposal for Reining in the Bernanke Fed" is now in the Top 10 in downloads on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) in the category of "Response to Financial Crisis." (no kidding!) ...

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Europeans Overcoming Their Apoplithorismosphobia

Booms and BustsThe FedMoney and BanksMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


Europeans have long been fearful of the prospects of price deflation, but now that it has arrived they have embraced it.

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Fed Tries to Figure Out How to Raise Interest Rates by a 1/4 of 1%

Booms and BustsThe FedMoney and BanksCalculation and KnowledgeMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


The Fed has been messing with interest rates for a century and suddenly they have forgotten how to raise interest rates?

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The Menger Center Fires Back at Richard Fisher over "Audit the Fed"

Monetary TheoryMoney and Banking


Paul-Martin Foss at the Carl Menger Center for the Study of Money and Banking has penned a nice retort to Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher, who recently criticized Rand Paul's introduction of an "Audit the Fed" bill in the US Senate.

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