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Nicolás Cachanosky, a native of Argentina, is assistant professor of economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

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Co-Creator Explains Javier Milei's Plan to Abolish the Central Bank

Central BanksMonetary PolicyMoney and BanksPolitics

11/24/2023Mises Media
Nicolás Cachanosky was a co-author on the dollarization proposal for Argentina that Javier Milei publicly endorsed. He explains to Bob the outlines of the proposal, which involves replacing pesos with USD for bank deposits, currency in circulation, and central bank liabilities.
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Secular Growth in Garrison's Model: A Comment

Business Cycles

04/02/2018Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Furthering the debate of whether or not Garrison's secular growth is consistent with neoclassical growth theory, in particular with Solow’s model.
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A Mathematical Version of Garrison's Model

Business Cycles

01/09/2017Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
We develop a mathematical framework of Garrison's model and apply it to increase in savings, secular growth, and Austrian business cycle theory.
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Spreadsheets Can Not Replace the Market Process

Free MarketsInterventionismPrices


The problem with the Excel spreadsheet approach is not the intentions of policymakers, but that such tools cannot possibly replace the market process.

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Governments Turn to the UN to Avoid Paying Their Debts

Global EconomyTaxes and SpendingMoney and Banking

09/29/2015Mises Wire
The United Nations recently passed a resolution in which those who lend money to governments are denounced as "vultures" while the governments themselves are portrayed as hapless victims. This isn't exactly a complete and accurate picture of the situation.
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