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Military Socialism

War and Foreign PolicyEntrepreneurshipOther Schools of Thought


There’s a long history of comparing market competition to warfare. Game theorists, for example, sometimes use metaphors borrowed from military strategy to talk about...

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Böhm-Bawerk and Entrepreneurship



Murray Rothbard always maintained that Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, the teacher of Ludwig von Mises, was one of the greatest economists who ever lived.  And Böh...

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Economists and Entrepreneurs



For once I agree with Paul Krugman, who writes: “success in business does not seem to convey any special insight into economic policy.” Unfortunately, everything in his

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Guess Who Built the Roads?



There’s a great story in the news this week about Mike Watts, a British entrepreneur who’s found a creative solution to one of economics...

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Should Government Promote Entrepreneurship?

Big GovernmentThe EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship


That's the title of my talk tomorrow evening at the CEVRO Institut in Prague (5pm, Tuesday 9 October). You can probably anticipate the answer, but you have to come for the full explanation!


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The Division of Labor, Self-Serve Dog Wash Edition

The EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship



Dirty Hairy Dog Wash Daphne, Alabama

"The greater productivity of work under the division of labor is a unifying influence. It leads men to regard each other as comrades in a joint struggle for welfare, rather than as competitors in a...

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Justice Prevails (At Least Regarding Chicken Salad)



Some of you may remember Jeff Tucker's rightly indignant post about the woman (who calls herself "the chicken salad chick") who made delicious chicken salad out of her home, only to be ratted out by a competitor and forced to close up shop...

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Whoo hoo for Radiohead



Victory for the idea that free downloads and purchased hard copy can be complements and not always substitutes. NYT : "In a twist for the music industry's digital revolution, "In Rainbows," the new Radiohead album...

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Will Radiohead be able to sell what it has given away?

EntrepreneurshipValue and Exchange


Today the CD called "In Rainbows" by Radiohead (a British rock band) goes on sale, and the sales figures will provide an exhibit in the relationship between free downloads and retails sales. the...

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The Land of Free Stuff

Free MarketsEntrepreneurship


The Economist has an interesting story on how markets drive goods and services to zero price in the presence of relentless innovation — with the web as the example in question.

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