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Thatcher's New Style of Government

Cronyism and CorporatismEconomic PolicySocialism


The possible bankruptcy of Thames Water Company in Great Britain brings to mind the heady days 40 years ago when Margaret Thatcher's government was privatizing state-owned enterprises, including TW. Not all privatization stories have happy endings.

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The Taxpayers Bailed Out Yellow Trucking. It Went Bankrupt Anyway.

U.S. Economy


The Trump administration doled out $700 million in CARES “loans” to trucking firm Yellow. Now Yellow has gone bankrupt, and the taxpayers may foot the bill.

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The Bombing of Hiroshima: The Crime and the Cover-Up

PoliticsProgressivismWar and Foreign Policy


The real effects of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima were hidden from Americans until the New Yorker published an exposé in 1946. Americans finally were confronted with the truth—even if they didn't want to believe it.

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The Problem with Public Transit

Bureaucracy and RegulationEconomic PolicyFree MarketsCalculation and Knowledge


Much of government-owned transportation destroys rather than adds to wealth. The lack of a sound system of economic calculation is to blame.

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The Profiteers of Armageddon

War and Foreign Policy


Neither Oppenheimer nor the discussion sparked by it has explored one of the most important reasons for the continued existence of nuclear weapons: the profits it yields America’s massive nuclear-industrial complex.

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The British NHS More Resembles a Statist Cult Than Advanced Healthcare



The seventy-fifth-anniversary celebration of the British National Health Service masked the real failures of this system, one that only can become worse over time.

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The Simplicity and Significance of Mutual Economic Exchange

Economic FreedomFree MarketsPraxeology


The simplest action of economics—beneficially mutual voluntary exchange—is also its most profound. People serve each other while improving their own lot in life.

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The Government Wants to Turn Blockchain Firms into Servants of the State

BitcoinEconomic FreedomThe Police State


Federal prosecutors and other law enforcement agents are turning blockchain firms into government subsidiaries. The real goal is to criminalize what really are lawful, private exchanges.

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