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The Mali Empire: An African Story of Gold and Greatness

Free MarketsWorld History


The Mali Empire flourished as a trading center and gold-producing region from the late Middle Ages into the mid-seventeenth century.

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Taking Stock of the Assets We Have (and We Have a Lot of Them)

Cronyism and CorporatismFree MarketsStrategy


While the antimarket and antilibertarian forces are strong, it is easy to forget that free market advocates also have a powerful set of tools.

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The Acadian Community: An Anarcho-Capitalist Success Story

AnarchyFree MarketsWorld History


Before it was destroyed by British aggression in 1755, the Acadian community in Nova Scotia provided a window into an anarcho-capitalist society that was cohesive and successful.

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The African Slave Trade Wouldn't Have Been Possible without African Elites

World History


Much of modern history portrays the African slave trade as purely a European venture. But capturing and sending slaves abroad required both approval and aid from African elites.

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Trapped by Imperialist Leviathans: The Case for Freedom in Central and Eastern Europe

Global EconomySocialismWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


When the Soviet Union dominated Eastern Europe, people there looked to the West—and especially the USA—in hopes of freedom. Today, it is the West promoting culture wars and collectivism.

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The New Green Economy Is Little More than a Keynesian Spending Scheme



Advocates of the New Green Deal emphasize new "green jobs" and other benefits, but the NGD is basically a Keynesian scheme in which government allegedly spends us into prosperity.

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Thomas Piketty Wants to Bring Back Communism in the Guise of Democratic Socialism

Free MarketsSocialismCapital and Interest Theory


Thomas Piketty writes about equality and believes that reimposing communism in the West will achieve it. Mark Thornton disagrees.

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The Attempt to Prosecute Donald Trump Is Unleashing More Than Our Political System Can Handle

AntipoliticsLegal SystemProgressivism


The recent raid on Donald Trump's Florida home is one more event in Democrats and Never Trumpers' never-ending attempt to have Trump arrested, convicted, and imprisoned. Our political classes are unleashing something that cannot be contained.

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