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The Perils of Higher Education: Institutional Failure



As we watch the once proud edifice of higher education in the USA crumble, we realize that we are looking at institutional failure itself.

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The French Must Rediscover the Taste for Individual Freedom: An Interview with Professor Pascal Salin



The French, who coined the term laissez-faire, have become people thoroughly captured by statism. Professor Salin shows another way for France to go.

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The Left's Attacks on Mises Continue to Miss

LiberalismPolitical TheoryPraxeology


Another Marxist intellectual takes a shot at Mises. Like the other critics on the left, he understands little of what Mises wrote or believed.

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Thanks to the Fed, You'll Work More This Year to Keep Last Year's Standard of Living

U.S. History


This is the "American dream" the Fed has given us: work more jobs and longer hours to keep paying those bills that are now growing at 8 percent per year.

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The Turkish Way

InflationPovertyWorld History


Turkey's economy is reeling under inflation rates likely reaching 170 percent. Not surprisingly, the worst of it is felt by regular people just trying to make a living.

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The Economy Is a Process, Not a Factory

Austrian Economics Overview


What is important is not the types and number of goods that sit on store shelves. It is why and how they got there.

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The West Didn't Become Rich Because of Slavery But in Spite of It

Labor and WagesPovertyU.S. History


The modern progressive narratives claim that the wealth of the West and especially of the USA was built upon the backs of slaves. In fact, slavery retarded economic growth.

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The Fed's Real Mandate

The FedInflationUnemployment


The standard line is that the Federal Reserve System has two mandates, keep unemployment low and create price stability. Mark Thornton notes that the real agenda is found elsewhere.

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