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What?!? No one mentioned the cult or kooky parts


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I had a letter published in Saturday’s edition of The Columbus Dispatch. I simply stated my views on a story about a local university researcher who is actively pushing a climate change agenda. Nothing too over-the-top in my letter. And nary a mention of my economic or political views or affiliations. Just Jim Public adding his voice to the discussion.

Today the paper published a response and I find out that I am a “Libertarian extremist, a follower of the kooky Austrian School of economics and a former member and continuing collaborator of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, an Alabama-based organization devoted to de-legitimizing the ability of government to take any action for the public good.

It is clear from Fedako’s letter that his adherence to the cult of Ludwig von Mises blinds him to the reality of global warming and its consequences.

I’m shocked. No one mentioned the cult or kooky parts to me. The de-legitimizing and public good parts? Certainly. But never the cult or kooky parts. Did I miss that post?

Note: My real issues are these: I am a current (and future) member of the Mises Institute (every reader should become one and support the Institute and its mission) and a small-l libertarian.


Jim Fedako

Jim Fedako, a business analyst and homeschooling father of seven, lives in the wilds of suburban Columbus. Send him mail.