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The Week in Review: June 4, 2016

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Today’s jobs report placed US job growth at a 28-month low, another illustration of how fragile the American economy truly is. The troubling data increased doubts on whether the Fed will raise interest rates later this month, fearing that it could set off what David Stockman has called a “Wall Street doomsday machine.” And as Victor Xing highlighted this week, the sad state of the American labor market is made worse as American debt levels climb. Don’t expect to find solutions to these problems from American politicians. Only by rejecting incompetent government and embracing the wonders of entrepreneurship can we see true economic growth. And if you are looking for protection from the Fed’s currency manipulation, Jim Grant suggests buying gold.  

On this episode of Mises Weekends, Jeff tackles the illiberalism of the progressive left. In their view, all human conduct must be viewed through the filters of identity politics, privilege, and undefinable concepts of social justice. Private property, far from sacrosanct, is seen as an impediment to their program of radical egalitarianism. Jeff makes the case that the real issues confronting us are war and peace, central banking, and state power — not inequality or racism or sexism. And he argues against adopting leftist language to advance the libertarian message.

Jeff Deist: The Trouble with Progressives

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