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A Step Closer to Privatizing Infrastructure?

This morning Illinois Senator Mark Kirk appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to advocate new legislation which he claims would remove a dozen restrictions on private-public partnerships. I say “claims” because more often than not, legislation does the opposite of what its sponsors say it will do. I haven’t read the proposed legislation but from his description it sounds like he is advocating a state’s rights approach to infrastructure privatization.

If this legislation really does what he claims, it could be a step closer to true infrastructure privatization.

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If you are interested in this stuff, pick up a copy of Walter Block’s brilliant new book The Privatization of Roads and Highways. You can read it here for free – and even print it out if you want – but at under 4 cents a page, it is hard to beat the deal the Mises Store offers on the paperback.


Briggs Armstrong

Briggs Armstrong holds a degree in accounting from Auburn University.

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