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Market Choices in Cannabis, Plus Cooking Classes


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As part of a follow-up to my article on cannabis industry and its many related industries, I picked up a copy of Culture magazine, which bills itself as "the #1 cannabis lifestyle magazine" at  a Denver pizza place. I was intrigued by the ads. A lot of them are what you'd expect: hippie or stoner-themed ads for, well, stoners. But many ads were for more sophisticated users such as this one which illustrates how the market, when legal, can provide a wide array of different strengths and features of the cannabis itself.  In the black market, on the other hand, you're just stuck with whatever your shady and unaccountable illegal dealer happens to have.

Good Meds

And of course, there's money to be made in related service industries, such as this one which teaches cannabis cuisine:

Good Meds 2

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