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Man, Economy, and Beer: Rothbard-Themed Gastropub Opens in Connecticut


Westport News today has a feature on Rothbard Ale + Larder, a new “European gastropub” that opened up in downtown Westport, CT. 

The article notes that the pub's name is "a nod to Murray Rothbard, an American economist and political writer." 

What can one expect from a Rothbardian gastropub? 

The restaurant specializes in central European cuisine, with dishes like wiener schnitzel, bratwurst, moules frites, coq au riesling, pork goulash, raclette, choucroute garni and tarte flambé featured on the hearty menu.

“Nothing fancy, no fuss,” said co-owner Joe Farrell, who along with partner Adam Roytman also operates the Walrus + Carpenter restaurant in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport.

“We avoid vegetable oil as much as possible, so it’s very old school and a simple way of cooking,” Farrell said, noting that while the food reflects the cuisine of several nations, they all are comfort foods.

While their Bridgeport restaurant offers American fare, this “complimentary sister restaurant” showcases international offerings, including the entire bar inventory, from Germany, Austria, Belgium and the general area.

For more information, visit the restaurant’s website at www.rothbardct.com


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