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Journal of Prices & Markets

The first issue of the Journal of Prices & Markets is now available as a paperback. Published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute of CanadaJPM is a journal that seeks to improve the understanding of the role of markets in the economy. The inaugural issue includes articles and reviews by Walter Block, Pete Boettke, Ben O’Neill, George Bragues, Eduard Braun, as well as many others (including me). Submissions for the journal are on a continual basis, and interested persons can find more details here. Of course, you can also read it for free online, but nothing beats the feeling of crisp paper as you leaf through the new directions Austrian economics is going. Why not looking into picking up a copy today?  

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Dr. David Howden is Chair of the Department of Business and Economics, and professor of economics, at Saint Louis University at its Madrid campus. A Fellow of the Mises Institute, he is the author of over 50 scholarly articles and books. His research focuses on the business cycle and fractional-reserve banking.

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