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Attention Austrian Scholars: New Book Series in Austrian Economics

Philipp Bagus and I are delighted to announce the launch of a book series dedicated to advancing scholarship in Austrian Economics. We invite you to be a part of this exciting endeavor. The “Palgrave Studies in Austrian Economics” series, published by Palgrave Macmillan, gives prospective authors a prestigious outlet for their book-length manuscripts. Owned by Springer, one of the most reputable publishing houses of academic works, Palgrave is committed to promoting Austrian economics to wide audiences.

The series aims to fill a crucial gap in the academic landscape, providing a high-quality and visible platform for cutting-edge research in Austrian economics and related fields.

The book series is dedicated to fostering the creation and dissemination of high-quality scholarship in Austrian economics. We are especially interested in subjects such as price theory, welfare economics, capital theory, macroeconomics, economic history, and applied economics. The series ia also open to the broader realms of Austro-libertarianism, political economy, and philosophy, especially when intertwined with economic discourse.

Proposals can include edited multi-author works, or single-author manuscripts. Manuscripts generally run around 100,000 words. (Shorter and longer manuscripts are also relevant – email either of us for more details.) Of interest to prospective authors are Palgrave Pivots – shorter manuscripts of around 25-50,000 words. This format allows for a more in-depth analysis than a journal article, but less than a traditional book. All books are available electronically as well as in hard/soft cover. Open access is also available.

We are currently accepting proposals for book contributions that align with the series’ objectives. If you have research in any of the themes outlined above, we encourage you to submit a proposal for consideration.

For more submission details please do email either Philipp Bagus (Philipp.bagus@urjc.es) or myself (David.howden@slu.edu).

We look forward to receiving your innovative proposals and to the successful launch of this series that will undoubtedly shape the future of Austrian economics scholarship.

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