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The Climate Scam: Did You Read It First Here?


Anthropogenic global warming has been a dubious proposition from the outset to anyone with the slightest understanding of social science as it pertains to coercive government, science "science," and the nexus of the two. Even if you didn't read about it elsewhere (and there were places where you could), you could (and should) have easily thought up the evil plot in the whole thing.

Last week, Lilburne brought this Blog the report many of us have been waiting for for years: It's all a put-up job.

But way back (it seems so long ago) in 2006, though, the Daily Articles of this site were graced by a put-up job by none other than myself, titled "How to Achieve Scientific Consensus," it being an explicitly phony "e-mail" to Warming Denialist Richard Lindzen explaining how his failure to cooperate in the Great Professional Project of Warming Alarmism was messing up not only his career, but that of many of his colleagues.

I find it makes gratifying reading in light of the recent exposure of the global warming boondoggle.

But then, I like my own stuff. Hope you do, too, at least in this case.


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