The Police State

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Politicizing Mass Shootings Only Guarantees There Will Be More of Them

ProgressivismThe Police State


Mass shootings are bad enough, but progressives have turned them into political events. They then claim that further politicizing these tragedies will reduce their number.

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It Is Time To End the Fixation with Federal Law Enforcement

The Police State


For many years, conservatives have held the FBI as being nearly infallible. It is time to rethink this devotion to a federal agency that pursues its own political agendas.

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Do Conspiracies Really Exist? Murray Rothbard Thought So

AnarchyPhilosophySocialismThe Police State


The quickest way to discredit an intellectual opponent is to accuse that person of being a "conspiracy theorist." But what happens when real conspiracies occur?

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Lockdowns, Not the Pandemic, Created Havoc

Big GovernmentHealthThe Police State


Those responsible for locking down much of the US during covid blame the pandemic itself for the economic and social havoc that followed. Perhaps they should look at the lockdowns themselves.

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Love, Fear, and the Law of Good Intentions

AntipoliticsDemocracyLawThe Police State


Today, progressives govern by the law of good intentions, and when government has good intentions, the results, no matter how disastrous, don't matter.

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The Supreme Court Uses Twisted Logic to Protect US Agents Committing Torture

The Police StateWar and Foreign Policy


By declaring information in the public domain to be a "state secret," the US Supreme Court has proven that logic is no object when one twists the law like a pretzel.

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Martial Law Was Not a Political Panacea for the Philippines

Bureaucracy and RegulationThe Police StatePolitical Theory

The likely election of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as the next president of the Philippines might create nostalgia for the martial law his father declared as president. Martial law, however, holds no promise for a thriving economy.

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Trudeau's Emergency Measures Will Accelerate Decentralized Finance's Importance

The Police StateInterventionismMoney and Banking


Justin Trudeau's heavy-handed measures against the protesting truck drivers are part of a greater war by progressives against capital markets and financial privacy. People will find ways to resist through decentralized finance.

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Progressive Governance Needs a Social Credit State

Big GovernmentLawThe Police State


While condemning China's social credit system, American, Canadian, and European progressives are becoming dependent on social credit systems to expand their political and governing power.

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The New Canadian Despotism

Big GovernmentEconomic FreedomThe Police State


By invoking the Emergencies Act, Trudeau has engaged in conduct better suited to authoritarian despots.

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