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Central Bank Digital Currency: A Primer

Monetary PolicyPlanningMoney and Banking

01/03/2021Mises Media
Let us begin with what CBDCs definitely are not: they are not a new kind of cryptocurrency akin to bitcoin.
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Japan's Ultraloose Monetary Policy Has Undermined Savings and Prosperity

Monetary PolicyWorld History

11/14/2020Mises Media
The Japanese experience offers valuable lessons for the US and Europe. A loose monetary policy can stabilize a recession for the short term, but a persistent flood of cheap money paralyzes productivity gains and growth.
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How Long Can the Fed Keep This Time Bomb from Exploding?

Monetary Policy

10/25/2020Mises Media
Although the Fed insists otherwise, the central bank really has no tools left except money creation, and the Fed will keep printing money in a panicky attempt to prevent a financial collapse.
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The Recovery Is Stalling. We Need Pro-Market Reforms Now.

Free MarketsMonetary Policy

10/20/2020Mises Media
Politicians have ignored the threat to small businesses that are failing not because their owners used the wrong strategies, but have been destroyed by the misguided and ineffective forced shutdown.
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What "Experts" Miss about Economic Inequality

Price ControlsMonetary PolicyPovertyWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History

10/15/2020Mises Media
Many of the "solutions" peddled by today's experts are more likely to increase wealth inequality than decrease it.
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Explaining the Plan to Dismantle Schools and the Fed's Alchemy

The FedMonetary PolicyMoney and Banking

10/05/2020Mises Media
Bob reads from an article recently tweeted out by the NEA, which calls for an end to schooling as we know it in order to promote anti-racism.
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George Selgin Critiques MMT and Debates Murphy on Free Banking

BitcoinMonetary PolicyMoney and Banking

09/28/2020Mises Media
Monetary economist George Selgin agrees with Bob on the flaws with MMT, but then the two continue their debate (started at the Soho Forum) on fractional reserve free banking.
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The Saving Problem in America: Alternatives and Reforms

Monetary PolicyTaxes and SpendingCapital and Interest Theory

09/20/2020Mises Media
Savings are the foundation for a productive and advanced economy. Unfortunately, governments insist on policies that make it harder for ordinary people to save.
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Inflation as a Tool of the Radical Left

InflationMonetary PolicySocialism

09/20/2020Mises Media
It becomes clear that ramping up inflation is a tool for those who wish to overthrow the existing economic and social order—to get rid of what little is left of the free market system.
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Protectionism and "Weak Dollar" Trade Policy

InflationMonetary Policy

09/11/2020Mises Media
Those who advocate for a "weak dollar" to encourage trade with American firms show how little confidence there is in American industry. Meanwhile, cheapening the dollar punishes savers and ordinary workers.
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