Labor and Wages

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Who Pays Wealth Tax: The Rich or the Poor?

CapitalismLabor and WagesTaxes and Spending


Spain's government is attempting to levy a wealth tax ostensibly to be "in solidarity with the poor." Because wealth taxes ultimately help lower real wages, there will be more poor people to share in the "solidarity."

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The West Didn't Become Rich Because of Slavery But in Spite of It

Labor and WagesPovertyU.S. History


The modern progressive narratives claim that the wealth of the West and especially of the USA was built upon the backs of slaves. In fact, slavery retarded economic growth.

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Wages, Unemployment, and Inflation

Labor and WagesValue and Exchange


There is only one way to improve the standard of living for the wage-earning masses: increased capital investment.

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Leonard Read Really Did Know Beans about Labor

Bureaucracy and RegulationFree MarketsLabor and Wages


Despite the decree from the federal government that labor is not a "commodity" or an "article of commerce," Leonard Read knew better.

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AB 257: Another Antieconomic California Boondoggle

Big GovernmentLabor and WagesLegal System


Not satisfied with putting thousands of people out of work with its infamous AB 5 legislation, California lawmakers now are going after fast-food businesses.

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Biden-in-Wonderland: A $15 Minimum Wage Will Not Increase Business Costs

InflationLabor and WagesUnemployment


In a recent speech, President Joe Biden blamed inflation on businesses raising prices and told them that they needed to lower their business costs -- but boost wages. You do the math.

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Are Equal Pay Arguments Based upon the Labor Theory of Value?

Free MarketsLabor and WagesPraxeologyValue and Exchange


Arguments for equal pay are popular in our body politic, but what happens if some of those arguments are based upon the faulty logic of the labor theory of value?

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Capital versus Labor: The Great Decoupling

Labor and Wages

Opponents of markets claim that worker wages have not kept up with worker productivity. This incorrect claim is based on two mistakes in estimating wages. 

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Mandatory Holidays Mean Less Freedom and Flexibility for Workers

Bureaucracy and RegulationLabor and Wages


Workers should have the freedom to take their time off when they need it most. Official government holidays don't actually mean more time off. They just mean less flexibility.

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Can a Libertarian Work at a Public University?

Labor and Wages


In real life, the labor market includes government employers. So the fundamental question is whether or not a laborer can morally seek out the highest wage offered by all employers.

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