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It Didn't Begin with FDR: Currency Devaluation in the Roman Empire

InflationTaxes and Spending

No matter the historical era, governments have excelled at one thing: debasing their own currency. Rome was no exception, as Roman government excesses required inflation—lots of inflation.

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No, Inflation Is Not "Transitory," and It Is Worse than the Government Admits

Central BanksInflationMonetary Theory


Current rates of inflation are worse than what the government claims. Not surprisingly, the government gains when people are fooled.

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Will Inflation Turn into Stagflation?

The FedInflationMonetary Policy


The Fed is, effectively, a car driving at night, very fast, with no headlights. That is a real threat, probably to an unprecedented degree.

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An Inflation Outlook for the US Dollar in 2022

InflationMoney and Banking


Central bankers are being disingenuous when they insist that rising prices are a temporary phenomenon.

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Shrinkflation, Inflation’s Sneaky Cousin, Is on the Rise



We've all hear the reports of inflation by now, but what about the shrinkflation going on?

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The Fed's Policies since the 2020 Coronavirus Panic

The FedInflation


Since the corona panic, the Fed has bought a ton of government bonds, but it's also started buying corporate bonds, has abolished reserve requirements, redefined their M1 measure, and switched to average inflation targeting.

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Crying Wolf on (Hyper)Inflation?



In the early years of QE, many economists warned that the Fed’s unprecedented monetary inflation would cause a significant increase in consumer prices. In this chapter, we’ll assess several popular explanations for why the Fed’s monetary inflation since 2008 hasn’t generated a comparable...

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No, Drops in Money Velocity Don't Offset Money Printing

InflationMoney and BankingOther Schools of Thought


According to popular thinking, the sharp decline in money velocity since June 2008 is likely to neutralize recent strong money supply increases’ effect on price inflation ahead. This is a fallacy.

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Germany's Inflation Tax and the Rising Cost of Living

Global EconomyInflationLabor and Wages


If we take the tax burden and asset price inflation into account, real incomes in Germany aren't doing nearly as well as the official data suggests. 

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