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Is the Snapchat IPO Proof of a Tech Bubble?

Financial MarketsMoney and Banking

It's unclear that Snapchat can make a profit. But, thanks to central banks, that's not stopping investors from pouring billions into the company.
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Which is Worse — A Trade Surplus or a Trade Deficit?

Financial MarketsGlobal EconomyMoney and BanksPolitical Theory


Unlike commodity money, fiat currencies allow persistent trade imbalances which cause grave discrepancies in income, consumption, and investment.

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Week in Review: January 7, 2017

The FedFinancial MarketsMoney and Banks


This year, our attention will be toward the Fed and central banks, as the world's financial elites try to navigate increasingly volatile waters.

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Have Trump Tweets Replaced Fed Speak?

The FedFinancial MarketsU.S. Economy


Donald Trump's Twitter account is steering the market, the consequence of America substituting markets for central planners.

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Is Steve Mnuchin Just Another Wall Street Banker?

The FedFinancial MarketsMoney and BanksMoney and BankingPolitical Theory


Steve Mnuchin has said little publicly, but his resume does seem to contrast sharply with Trump's populist campaign.

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The Looming Bubble in Long-Term Debt

Financial MarketsMoney and BanksMoney and Banking


As yield-starved investors look to longer-dated assets, the biggest risk facing financial markets may be the financial asset duration bubble.

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Don't Slap a New Tax on High-Frequency Trading

Financial MarketsTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory


High-frequency trading is not the nefarious scheme policymakers would have you believe it is. It serves a real purpose in the marketplace.

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Economic Reality Matters More than "Expectations"

Financial MarketsCalculation and Knowledge


Efforts to manipulate people into thinking the economy is good contribute to the ills brought on by the boom-bust cycle.

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Why Profitability Matters, and Market Forces Are Not Random

Financial Markets


The success or failure of investment in stocks depends ultimately on the same factors that determine success or failure of any business.

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Thornton Corrects Fed in the Wall Street Journal

The FedFinancial MarketsMoney and Banking

The Fed cannot see the natural rate of interest, but it is right before its eyes.

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