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Reading and malinvestment

EducationTaxes and SpendingInterventionism


Ludwig von Mises warned of the unintended consequences that result from government interventions. In line with his warnings is the misallocation resulting from malinvestment by government in activities that are not the best...

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Schoolhouse Rock: Pirates and Emperors (Or, Size Does Matter)

EducationMedia and CulturePolitical Theory

Here's a fantastic video dramatizing the fact that pirates and emperors are really the same thing.

Here's a direct link to the video on YouTube.

Find out more here Hat tip to...

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Germany: Still National Socialists

Big GovernmentEducationThe Police StateInterventionism


In Germany, 3 families face fines, frozen accounts for homeschooling their children

A German family has been subject to threats from the National Socialist government of Germany, because they're trying to homeschool their children. The...

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A Suit of Conservative Principles

EducationPhilosophy and MethodologyProduction Theory


Life without international trade: using local labor and materials only, a suit takes 500 man-hours to produce. And it's not exactly high-quality. But what a great teaching project by Kelly Cobb of Drexel University.

Here's the story from...

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Human Action in Niger

EducationThe EnvironmentMedia and Culture


As detailed here, no expensive and ill-used, Western aid, no high tech inputs, no government planning, no Malthusian doom — just a simple tale of human ingenuity, incentivised by the...

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A new national ranking

EducationTaxes and SpendingProduction Theory


Living near the home of a major state university, national collegiate rankings are a real source of pride. There are the typical sports rankings that make the headlines; those for football and basketball in particular. But lately, The Columbus Dispatch has...

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EducationMedia and CultureMoney and Banks


Since economics and college athletics go together these days like post-dated stock options and 3-6 months in a minimum security prison, you ought to know about Mal Moore. Probably a fine man but tragically misplaced, economically speaking — as Athletic Director of the University of Alabama....

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A Root Cause of the Failure of Contemporary Education

EducationPhilosophy and Methodology


Ask yourself if the following paragraph would seem believable to you if you were to read it a in a newspaper:

Washington, D. C., Oct. 10. Following in the footsteps of "No Child Left Behind," the Department of Education is considering new requirements applicable to all colleges...
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Will Work for School Supplies



I wondered what was up when the neighbor kids came by doing a government school fund raiser but couldn't explain what the money was for. In this funny NYTimes op-ed Karen Karbo makes it all clear: these

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The First Truly Literate Generation

EducationMedia and Culture


Remember those silly days in the 1990s, when Clinton, Gore, and their friends cobbled together our money to put computers in every classroom and community center? The hope was that the computer...

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