Corporate Welfare

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The Black Hole of Defense Spending

Corporate WelfareTaxes and SpendingCalculation and Knowledge


The only thing defense spending actually defends are the profits of defense contractors.

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Orwellian Tax Rhetoric

Corporate WelfareTaxes and SpendingInterventionism


Myths about taxation are just one reason we need good economic reasoning now more than ever.

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60 Minutes's Puff Piece on Crony Capitalist

Corporate Welfare


60 Minutes did a segment on David Rubinstein, one of the founders of Carlyle Group which was established in 1987. Carlyle is one of the largest private equity firm and the only major private equity firm to be based in Washington DC. The company controls enormous assets all over the globe and is...

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Intervention in One Lesson

Corporate WelfareInterventionismMonopoly and Competition


The story of intervention is as old as governments and commerce, and even though the details change, the basic narrative stays the same.

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US National Debt Crosses $18 Trillion

Big GovernmentCorporate WelfareTaxes and SpendingU.S. EconomyFiscal Theory


US National Debt now exceeds $18 Trillion with no end in sight. Will we see national default on the debt or hyperinflation?

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The Olympics: The Biggest Corporatist Sports Scam of All

Corporate WelfareMoney and BanksU.S. Economy


 The 2022 Olympics (i.e., the Winter Games) is now down to only two applicant nations: China and Kazakhstan. This follows the withdrawal of Norway after the...

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CDC, PHARMA, And Mainstream Media On The Same Team

Corporate WelfareHealth


Unfortunately this team seems to be covering up a possible risk to children, especially black children.

For years, some parents of autistic children have claimed a link between their children’s condition and vaccines. One vaccine in particular has been...

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Stick It in Your Earmark

Corporate WelfareInterventionismPolitical Theory


President Bush has just signed the long-debated ethics bill, which Democrats are trumpeting as helping "drain the swamp" of corruption, in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-SF) words. However it is hardly "the start of a new day in Washington" that Senator Russell Feingold (D-Wis.) called it....

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